Monday, March 5, 2012

Episode 14 - Me So Crafty!

In today’s episode, I have an interview with fellow knitter and seamstress extraordinaire Miso Crafty Knits.  “In the Kitchen” brings you a bunless burger recipe.  And I’ll share my newfound respect for the Dowsing Rod, in “The Pagan Corner”.


- Twisted River Clayworks (Etsy seller)
- Chocolate Zucchini loaf/cupcakes (at
- Go Into The Story (screenwriting site), with Scott Myers

The Knitter's Needles:
- Miso Crafty Knits (Esty seller)
- Sundara Yarns
- The Plucky Knitter
- Squoosh Fiber Arts

In the Kitchen:
 - Bunless Burger recipe (at my personal blog)

The Pagan Corner:
- Doswing Rods
- Pendelums

- 3 Blind Mice, "Emily has Compassion Fatigue"
- Caladonix, "The Water is Wide"

To win the craft project bag and yarn below, please leave a comment with a name/contact info (Ravelry ID is often best) in the shownotes.

The project bag by Miso Crafty Knits:
Shot of the inside with yarn:

Yarn choices for giveaway - left to right - The Plucky Knitter "Grand Central Station" (semi-solid shades of light and dark wheat gold), Squoosh "Bluebird" (medium-pale smokey demin blue), Sundara Yarn "End of Day" (deep orange with undertones of egg yolk yellow).
Deadline for contest is March 31st, 2012, 9pm Pacific, 12 midnight Eastern.


  1. i love her project bags! i'm in! rav id: gundyknitter
    thanks for this giveaway! wahoo!!

  2. Big fan of Melissa's and would be over the moon to win this!! Woot woot! RAV ID: Luvinthemommyhood

  3. I love Melissa's project bags! ravID mayapof

  4. I looked at the pictures and the bag looks VERY well constructed.. Btw, I LOVE the Sundara yarn End of Day colorway..
    Wish her luck with her business and great episode :)

    -Stephani Lynn

  5. wonderful episode! I really enjoyed the interview with Melissa and hearing her background, fashion industry experience.

    ~LM RavId: theyarngoeson

  6. Lovely lovely bags!! Thank you for your podcast, I look forward to it. Margaret O'Connor -, ravelry id - mao83

  7. I enjoyed the podcast and the interview. Definitely going to try the bunless burgers!
    The project bag looks lovely. Good luck with your screenplay writing and enjoy the course!
    Best, MarianneH

  8. Love that you guys are doing this giveaway! (Ravelry: knerdy)

  9. Just found your podcast - wish I could get you on I-Tunes. Very nice show - love the bag and will check out Melissa's shop. Karenswb on Ravelry.



  10. Such a cute little bag! And yes, good luck with the screenplay.

    All the Best,

  11. Went first to check out Melissa's shop. I love purple and, alas, no purple bags. (My credit card thanks you) I have put her on my radar and will check back, a girl can hope. Nanettethenanny

  12. Pretty project bag and yarn - what else does a crafter need. As always loved the show.

    Rav Id - sabrab

  13. I am always up for a giveaway. Cute bag and I have never worked with Sundara Yarn so that would be my choice.
    SallyFromIdaho on Ravelry

  14. Always enjoy your podcast-the bag is so well done and the yarns are beautiful!!
    Thanks for the chance to enter.
    chellieanne on Ravelry

  15. Thanks for another great episode! Made me hungry! I loved the story about the dowsing rod. . . and the interview was great too. I would love to be in the contest--love the bag (would like to not use a plastic bag for a change. . .) and the bluebird Squoosh would be nice in my next daybreak shawl. . .

  16. I cannot tell you HOW MUCH I love your podcast. I keep plugging you on mine. Ursa, I love your content. You are becoming one of my absolute all time favorite podcasts to listen to. Thank you.

    I would like to be in the contest, if I could. Blue is my favorite color and so if I got a choice, that would be it. :) I'm kniftyknit75 on Rav and my email is

    Thanks for your awesomeness.

    P.s. Um...yeah...just realized how crazed fan this post sounds. Um, I swear that I'm not! Just enthusiastic about what you're doing. :)

  17. Loved this episode! "The Water Is Wide" is a favorite of mine. I played it through twice (till tears were streaming down my face!) feels good to let go once in a while, right?
    The project bag is so sweet, and I love all the yarn choices, but especially the Bluebird.
    Thanks again for a beautiful podcast.
    Nancy (daisyknits on Ravelry) from Holland, MI

  18. Huge fan of Mellissa's blog and love your podcast !! :)

    Rav id: swelldove

  19. Enjoyed the episode. Loved to hear about the experiences of Miso Crafty--lovely items. Thanks for the giveaway. Rav = alchemy

  20. Just discovered your podcast via MisoCrafty. Big fan of Melissa's blog and her awesome bags. Enjoyed your interview with her. Thanks to both of you for a great giveaway.
    Now to go and catch up on your previous podcasts.
    WoollyMomma on Rav :)

  21. I love your interview with Melissa. What a wonderful Give A Way. Rav is rinebird

  22. Pretty bag and the yarn is gorgeous!!

    Barbn77 on Rav

  23. Hi Ursa,

    I started listening to your podcast around the solstice and I've been enjoying immensely. Thank you for sharing your voice, thoughts, and knitting with us.

    (explodingpinecone on rav)

  24. Great episode!

    Zachary (Rav ID: Zotlagogo)

  25. Beautiful bag, and that red yarn is gorgeous! I just found your podcast and I'm enjoying it a lot. I am "Turtleknits" on Ravelry.

  26. The yarn is amazing I am torn between the red and the blue.

  27. I desperately need (ok, want, but whatever) one of Melissa's project bags! I've never seen one I didn't love. Great episode!

    EverythingOldEm on just about everything!

  28. Great episode - I love hearing interviews with crafters who really know their stuff.

    That bag is darling! The blue yarn would look so nice tucked inside.

    Josie (Rav name Pibble)

  29. Thanks for another great show :) I'm sadly lacking in project bags and would love and appreciate that one very much. I'm MayaMoonie on Ravelry. Thank you!

  30. I've just found your podcast and I love it. I'm neither religious or spiritual at all, but I am very interested in religions and I teach religion at primary school as well. So knitting and pagan is a very exciting combo!
    Anna (anythingbutsocks on ravelry)

  31. Love the podcast! I'm new to knitting but fast becoming addicted! ravid = snipivy

  32. Thank you for everything you do! I love that red/orange yarn.

    sydmo @ yahoo . com