Thursday, February 16, 2012

Episode 13 - Our Lady of the Gauge Swatch

In today’s episode, love it or loathe it - it’s the gauge swatch!  Plus, a couple of television shows I'm loving!  And in “The Pagan Corner”, it’s better late than never at looking at Imbolc.

**Please note: if you downloaded/listened to the episode today (Thursday, February 16th, between 11:30am Pacific and 4:30pm Pacific), you will likely have the episode with a couple of blanks spots around minutes 33 - 35.  I have uploaded a corrected one.  Please try downloading it again - it should work fine now.  Thanks!**


-Snowdrops Wiki page w/photos

- TPK Early Spring 2012 KAL/CAL/SpAL/WAL (Ravelry group link)
- no contest/draw until early March.

The Knitter's Needles:
- showing my love for the gauge swatch

Eyes & Ears:
- Downton Abbey (wiki page) (also, Gosford Park, 2001, film, written by Julian Fellowes (also in Monarch of the Glen)
- BombGirls (wiki page)

The Pagan Corner:
- Imbolc (wiki page)

Benjamin Francis - Prelude to the Creative Process
Carles Bellot - L-O-V-E (Nat King Cole song, provided through

Monday, February 6, 2012

Episode 13 delayed

Hello my lovely listeners!

You may have noticed that the latest episode isn't up in the usual first day or two of the month.  I've landed a cold, and am still snuffly.  I hope to have episode 13 up in the next couple of days.

I hope you are all keeping well :-)

Update, Thursday, Feb 9th: this cold has knocked down my whole family.  Mine has now moved into my lungs.  Since we are so close to the mid-month episode time, I am going to record and release episode 13 in this mid-month slot instead.  It should be out around the 14/15 of February.