Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Episode 9 - Coastal Comfort

Today’s episode is all about Comfort - on your needles, for your eyes and ears, and simmering in your kitchen.   We’ll look at the new Coastal Knits pattern book.  And “The Pagan Corner” brings us comfort at home, for home is a sacred space.

Shownotes for episode 9:

  • Enter to win a skein of Vesper sock yarn or undyed spinning fibre at the shownotes for Episode 8. 
The Knitter's Needles:
In the Kitchen/Eyes & Ears, Comfort special:
  1. Carrot Ginger Soup
  2. Cauliflower/Potato/Leek Soup (known around my house as "white soup" - good way to get kids to eat veggies :-)
  3. Chili con Carne
  • Books:
  1. Lucy Maud Montgomery (Anne of Green Gables series, Emily of New Moon triology)
  2. Bill Richardson, CBC radio personality, author of the Bachelor Brothers' Bed & Breakfast, Bachelor Brothers' Bed & Breakfast Pillow Book, & Bachelor Brothers' Bedtime Companion (all available on
  3. Michael Ondaantje, author of Annil's Ghost and The English Patient.
  • Music (two of my favourite songs lately):
"As if we never said goodbye", sung by Kurt Hummel (played by Chris Colfer), in the TV show Glee.

"Turning Tables", sung by Holly Holiday (played by guest Gwyneth Paltrow), in the TV show Glee.


    1. Could you ever provide the exact recipe for the squash soup you mentioned? It sounds so good and I have a ton of squash from the garden to use up. I've already bookmarked the other soup recipes and plan to try them.

    2. The exact recipe? Hm, I will have to make the soup again to be able to write down the recipe - something I've yet to do. Will try to do that soon for you. :-)