Friday, September 2, 2011

Photos to accompany Episode #4

A few snapshots of my trip to the west coast of Vancouver Island....

 A mountain view on the way to Port Alberni.

My "recording studio" on a foggy afternoon at Chestermans Beach.

A view of the small islands that are accessible on foot when the tide is low.

Rippling sand...

A few moments of the fog moving and lifting to show some blue sky.

Really tall, really old Douglas Fir trees at Cathedral Grove/MacMillan Park on the way back from Port Alberni.

The largest tree in the forest.

The actual tallest tree, with my boys at the base.


  1. Wonderful shots! Chestermans Beach like this is pretty much the only way I've seen it. That little hint of blue sky must be a teaser for warmer days in different seasons.

  2. What a lovely day. I miss the dramatic scenery of the west coast.