Thursday, September 22, 2011

Episode 5 - Harvest Home

In today's episode, what's been flying off my needles.  Plus, a romantic time-travel series has been my obsession for the past year. And then we look at the Autumn Equinox.

Show notes for Episode 5:

The Knitter's Needles:

“On” Projects:
“Off” Projects:
Eyes & Ears:
The Pagan Corner: 

- An essay about Harvest Home, or the Autumn Equinox.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sick girl

Hello crafters,
I have landed the cold my sons brought home from school, so am in need of resting both voice/throat and body. I have some of the podcast recorded, but will have to wait until next Tuesday to finish and release it. This brings us closer to the actual Autumn Equinox, however, so I will be able to do a bit about Mabon/Harvest Home.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Planning & Plotting...

Hello crafters!

The Planning & Plotting continues for future episodes.  I have lots of ideas for the various segments already, but would love to hear some suggestions from you, my lovely listeners.  If you have any ideas that would fit into the sections listed below, please post a comment here, and I'll make note of it:
  • The Knitter's Needles
  • In the Kitchen
  • In the Dyer's Pot
  • Eyes & Ears
  • The Pagan Corner
Also, I am looking for a new custom design template/logo for my podcast and this blog.  While I love the look of this one, it isn't original - created it, and it's likely being used by many.  If you are, or know of someone who can create something original for me in the next couple of months, please contact me at thepaganknitter [at] gmail [dot] com.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Part 2 of Episode 4 delayed

Hello my lovely crafters!

After putting together most of the second part of Episode 4 (“Eyes & Ears” and “The Pagan Corner”), it’s become apparent that it’s just not a good time to do the recording at present. My boys are back in school this week, with staggered entry and shortened days/different hours, so I’m running about a lot over the next few days. This would bring the recording time so close to next week that I might as well keep it for then.

So those bits will be saved for Episode 5, to be recorded/released sometime next week.

all the best,

Friday, September 2, 2011

Photos to accompany Episode #4

A few snapshots of my trip to the west coast of Vancouver Island....

 A mountain view on the way to Port Alberni.

My "recording studio" on a foggy afternoon at Chestermans Beach.

A view of the small islands that are accessible on foot when the tide is low.

Rippling sand...

A few moments of the fog moving and lifting to show some blue sky.

Really tall, really old Douglas Fir trees at Cathedral Grove/MacMillan Park on the way back from Port Alberni.

The largest tree in the forest.

The actual tallest tree, with my boys at the base.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Episode 4 - West Coast Wool

Today I recount Fibrations, interview two yarn sellers, share what I love to read, and give you the introductory information on rituals and spellwork.

Show notes for episode 3:

  • Winners of the Bugga! yarn contest (yes, there are two) are: SheilaD37 (post #10) and Teo (post #41).  I'll contact you asap to get your mailing details.
  • Complex Texture, a Victoria knitting videocast.
The Knitter's Needles
Everything Old Em yarn or spinning fibre contest - leave a comment on this post to enter a chance to win your choice between:

One skein of True Blue sock yarn - 80% Superwash BFL wool (blue-faced leicester) & 20% Nylon, in the Peacock colourway.

Or one braid of Falkland Wool - 4 ounces in the Peonies colourway.  

**Please note, the second part of Episode 4 (Eyes & Ears and The Pagan Corner) will be delayed and included as a part of Episode 5, coming next week.  I have just added a brief post here.  Thanks!**